Thursday, October 6, 2011

What happened to singing in the rain?

I was at a department store today looking at leggings, idly wondering, if skinny jeans don't exactly flatter my figure, why did I think leggings would? Said leggings were in the same section as purses, wallets and umbrellas . Which is where things got weird.

Now, I love musicals, I really do. But never, not once, did I expect people to burst into song in real life. I don't know how many times I said it, but I've  said it at least once: life isn't a musical no matter how much you hum.

However, maybe there is something to this Glee madness. Now, I have eschewed that television show in an attempt to be on the leading edge of political correctness. That show has openly gay people who burst into song while executing smooth dance moves and dressed in cutting edge fashion. If that isn't a stereotype, what is? (I said to myself as I switched to Real Housewives of Insanity).

But, as I was perusing leggings (by Elle), the store's music department began to play a song by someone named Rhianna who was declaring her devotion by offering to share her umbrella-ella-ella. AND nearly everyone around me began to sing. Gals were executing moves and smiling at each other while I stood there mutely shocked (and not just at how small the large-sized leggings looked). 

So, apparently I've been completely wrong. At any moment it is appropriate to SING LOUDLY with the background music in a department store. And to wink at strangers while echoing umbrella with ella-ella-ella.

I have to say, I felt like I'd been left out of the umbrella's protection from reality. I considered humming "Singing in the Rain" but couldn't bring myself to do it. Life is, after all, not a musical - no matter how ho-hum.

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