Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, Pakistan

So after a full day of having a blog, I checked my stats to see if anyone has looked at it. To my delight, I saw that my blog has been viewed TWICE from Pakistan. I don't know if it is one person who looked twice or two people who each looked once, but still - views from a country where only 12.5% have internet access!

Being ever gracious, I googled the official language (Urdu) and then searched for the proper way to say "Hello" in that language. According to wikipedia, it translates to HELLO.
Then I read through the common phrases and - NO KIDDING - there were very important phrases like:
Can you give me your pen?
Will you give me your pen?
Do you love me?
How many apples are in my hand?
How many did you take?

So, considering the obsession with obtaining pens and counting apples, I'm no longer certain that reading my blog constitutes the literary flattery I had assumed.

But ʃukrijə for reading, Pakistan

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