Monday, October 3, 2011

How to feel old while thinking of past Rock Hits

So we were trying to remember the lyrics to Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp. Jackie was gonna be a football star (?) and Diane.... hmm, wanted him to get into her car?

No, that's not right, we said. That's a different song. Get into My Car... wasn't that Lionel Ritchie? 

Hubby laughs and says you're remembering it wrong. It was "get outta my car and into my life".

I said, that sounds rude. Who would use a pickup line that starts with "get outta my car"?

Somehow, Sade came into the whole conversation since Hubby thought SHE sang the song.

I mean, really? Sade crooning "get outta my car"?

So we googled it all. Sade sang Smooth Operator and Billy Ocean sang "Get outta my dreams and INto my car".

So it was just like we remembered after all. Except we forgot to google the lyrics to Jack & Diane. Oh well, now we have a reason to get up tomorrow. 

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