Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Look Old while Dancing with The Stars

Step 1: Watch Dancing with the Stars (DWTS for those of us in the know). According to the NY Times, the primary audience is comprised of women over the age of 50.
Step 2: Have cosmetic surgery and wear a LOT of "natural" looking make-up.

My husband and I played guess their age with the cast of season 13. He added 5 years to Chynna Phillip's age - in part because he figured all that make-up and too smooth skin must mean she was old enough to have something to hide.

So how old would you guess these stars are: Carrie Ann, Nancy Grace, Chynna Philips, Ricki Lake, Brooke (the hostess), Elizabetta-married-to-Clooney-once, Hope the soccer player and Kristen from some reality show?

3 are approximately the same age (I was too lazy to go by actual month for birthdates, just used year)
3 are under 40 and 1 is 40 and 1 is over 50.

Our only surprises on the male side were Tom Bergeron and Bruno M. What would you guess for their respective ages?

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