Monday, October 3, 2011

You Know What I Think (YKWIT): about sunscreen

Youngers and the very elders all find sunshine poisonous. Witness young people with shades drawn (black out shades, no less) so they can see their myriad of screens without annoying glare. Look at old people shading themselves with hats, parasols, my sister-in-law flopped her floppy hat on her head once.

What's the problem? Getting wrinkles and/or getting skin cancer. Now, I'm not convinced wrinkles are that bad (see my post: 

Wrinkles are natural. Our aversion isn't to the signs of age but to the ultimate destination of aging. (Ya know, death?)

Skin Cancer? Well, I am not convinced that's truly caused by the sun. Oh, scientists claim a very bad sunburn in childhood increases your likelihood, but genetics play a much larger role. And, hate to break it to you, you cannot change your genes. 

Sunscreen? No, thanks. First of all, every year there are NEW sunscreens that no longer contain the dangerous chemicals they discovered in last year's batch. So what will be wrong with the NEW sunscreens next year? Who knows. I believe slathering chemical concoctions all over my porous epidermis (look at me getting all fancy) is probably not the best idea. Yep, topical application of medicines is a proven science - nicotine patch, pain patch, hormone creams... So why coat our bodies with unnatural substances in order to avoid the damaging rays of... sunshine? C'mon, put down the Kool-Aid and think about the fact that a whole new "need-based" market has been created around nothing. What next? Bottling water?

Sunshine helps us absorb vitamin D. In fact, taking a D supplement isn't even helpful if you don't add some ultraviolet rays.  

So the next time someone tells you life isn't all sunshine and lollipops, respond "it should be".  Now, go get a lollipop and make hay while the sun shines.

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